what are stamp auctions!
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Collecting stamps has been known as the hobby of the kings as many well-known personalities have been the keen stamp collectors.

Stamp Auctions:

Stamp auctions are the auction of the covers, stamps as well as other philatelic objects usually run by the stamp sellers or the expert collectibles auctioneers, such as David Feldman, Sotheby's and Christie's where the potential buyers place the bids in an effort to acquire the desired items.

Stamp auctions normally allow the prospective buyers to examine the things in advance, either in the auction house, in a catalog or both.

Stamp Auctions Types:

The auctions are generally divided into two main categories:

ยท Mail sales: This is where the bids are approved through the mail.

ยท Public sales: In this type of auction the mail bids are connected with a live call from the individuals there at the stamp auctions or the ones who are joining in via a telephone call.

Stamp auctions bring the possibility for the stamp dealers along with the stamp collectors to place their typical values when they pay for the stamps or any another stamp-related item. To be successful at the stamp auctions, the price or the amount, a bidder declares must necessarily be higher to hit the bid prices of the other target potential purchasers.

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